Junquillos Chapel Designer: Claudio Baladrón Z., Diego Grass P.
Location: Junquillos, Santa Bárbara, Chile
Image Credits: Felipe Fontecilla
There are oaks, wind and rain coming from the west. A dusty road is at the east. Community soccer field is south; bamboo and empty beer cans all over the north. Now there is also a wooden barn structure over a concrete platform, with corrugated metal cladding in the outside and pine boards in the inside, plus 100 chairs, lectern, altar, virgin figure and a cross. Mass is once a month, community activities every evening. Both happen in the same space. A new chapel for 100 people in the remote countryside of Southern Chile. archinect.com Posted: 11/03/2009 digg | del.icio.us | stumble | email this

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